Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work Your Mind - Idea Generation

Always ask ‘What if?’
For Example:
What if Mr. Memory lost his hand?
What if Mr. Hand lost his memory?

The more ideas you can generate the more likely you will land upon a good one (Quantity breeds Quality) - Sounds pretty good
Delay Criticism: Do not judge ideas until after you have generated your share. Perhaps you will let simmer an idea that at first glance is not obviously useful, but lo…
Welcome unusual ideas – Out of the box (You have read this far so this shouldn’t cause you problems)
Combine ideas (Power of Association)
-Derived from Osborn, ‘Applied Imagination’

A conclusion that necessarily follows from a set of premises.
For Example:
All men are fascinating
Joe Bob is a man
Joe Bob must be fascinating
(Perhaps my first premise needs some work, but you get the drift)

An extension of knowledge: An educated guess: Not always true
For Example:
I have only seen fat people at McDonalds, thus all McDonalds’ customers are fat
One slight adjustment makes the fallacious statement quite useful ‘thus I should likely find a fat person at McDonalds.’

Start at the end and work backwards. Why? It’s fun damn it!

Insert randomness
Flip a coin
Care to dance? I am taking my driver’s exam. Your point?

Free associate
Free Wild Reckless Necklace Pearl Jam

Observe (With a quiet mind)

Engage (Remember: Flu Shot, Antibacterial hand lotion, Airborne)

Read, Read, Read

Meditate, probiotics, strolls in the park, long showers, call your friend Skip, listen to John Cage recordings…

Take tons of notes

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  1. I must say that I am not accustomed to visiting places of this elevated nature. Contemplating MY navel seems to reveal nothing much more than a little lint. However, I welcome the opportunity to get a little "metaphysical." We don't do that in aerobics class. xo molly