Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'Your Point' The Interview

Writer: Len Bogarad
Interviewer: Skipper Cochran

Cochran: Let me just say congratulations on the completion of your latest opus.
Bogarad: Thank you ever so much.
Cochran: I hear you have an excerpt for us, delicious, but lets leave that to the end. Now straight to the point; what is your novel about?
Bogarad: It is a play. I am a playwright damn it!
Cochran: So sorry. I shall indeed rephrase; what is your play about?
Bogarad: Everything.
Cochran: Could you be a tad more specific? Perhaps the log line, throw in the protagonist and even the main conflict. You know if you keep it under 25 words it would go marvelously as the first line of a query letter.
Bogarad: That which is maximally random cannot be condensed.
Cochran: You are trying to sell this play, aren’t you?
Bogarad: Are you mocking me?
Cochran: So sorry. Let us move on.
Bogarad: Let’s

Cochran: So what are you trying to say?
Bogarad: Say? I am the author not an actor!
Cochran: No what is the point you are trying to make. The very point that you will prove in your climax, the same point every single scene has been building towards!
Bogarad: What on earth are you talking about?
Cochran: Does your play have a theme?
Bogarad: The human spirit is indomitable.
Cochran: Jolly good!
Bogarad: You like?
Cochran: Ever so much.
Bogarad: Good. I am glad.

Cochran: Now, how are you trying to make your audience feel?
Bogarad: Seeking butterflies in the wind.
Cochran: What?
Bogarad: Confused.
Cochran: Why yes I am.
Bogarad: No I am trying to make my audience feel confused.
Cochran: Right! But in the end all is made clear right old boy!
Bogarad: No. Why?

Cochran: Very well. Who comprises your target audience.
Bogarad: Everyone.
Cochran: Now you can be more specific than that can’t you?
Bogarad: I can. Comparative Lit majors who have a thing for chocolate chip cookie dough and Samuel Beckett.
Cochran: Of course.

Cochran: So to finish up, what has inspired you?
Bogarad: Endings.
Cochran: Endings?
Bogarad: For example the end of Mann’s ‘The Magic Mountain’ where the hero, Hans, suddenly leaves the sanatorium and ends up on a battlefield where he disappears into the mist. Of course I am thinking what effing kind of crap ending is that, but just before I launch the book across the room I realize, ‘He is off the mountain and back in the fight. It doesn’t matter if he lives or dies, wins or loses he chooses the struggle even without knowing what lies ahead.’
Cochran: You live in seclusion don’t you?
Bogarad: I am a playwright damn it!
Cochran: So you say.
Bogarad: Well here is an excerpt of the final section of the final scene of the final act of my latest endeavor.

From ‘Your Point’
Richard, Vivien and Elizabeth in a darkened room.

Richard: What gives?
Vivien: I am traveling through time on frequent flier miles.
Richard: Isn’t everyone?
Vivien: Your point?
Richard: Where is Elizabeth Joy?
Elizabeth: I am here flickering in and out of existence.
Richard: That is a strobe light.
Elizabeth: Your point?
Richard: I want an answer!
Vivien: From whom?
Richard: Both of you.
Elizabeth: I will do what ever Vivien does.
Vivien: We cannot marry you Richard. You live in the past.
Richard: Your point?
Elizabeth: He’s taking it well.
Vivien: True, and he can open tightly sealed jars.
Elizabeth: Yes, but you and I can do the same with the handle of a butter knife or even a fork if we are desperate.
Richard: Vivien, you know I love you.
Vivien: You say that to everyone.
Richard: Your point?
Vivien: Lets keep things status quo.
Elizabeth: Yes, no need to rock the boat.
Vivien: Quite right.
Richard: But we’ve only just met.
Vivien: Your point?

Curtains close.

‘Your Point’ by Len Bogarad

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