Last Updated 1/18/11

Go to the Uffizi.

Those who call life meaningless fail to recognize that the concept of meaningless is part of life. It renders itself void. Hence meaning.

Don't think of it as writer's block! Instead, think of it as a deep 'No Mind' meditation towards galactic oneness.

Certain of nothing, not even a word, I write on in a raving like mad kind of way.

Splay your heart across every page. This way critics can only wound your soul. Just Saying.

Faced with discouragement, I write. Faced with ridicule, I write. Faced with powdered doughnuts, I eat.

Humidity levels should get names like tropical storms. Humidity Henry wreaking havoc on hairdos across the eastern seaboard.

Music cranked, pirate laughs in bursts, and hair on fire...it is time to write.

Just some of my existentialism: "What's the difference between a yak and a wildebeest? Or a gnu for that matter?"

Scientifically, the Universe is the Mad Hatter.

I cannot believe that MS Word does not have a 'Plot' Checker!

Reality is a myth, a saga, a three part mini-series.

"Insane you see, she could have been a he, and he could be me. How could one know?"

Observed from the correct angle any aspect of life can be seen to be absurd.

This morning I was forced to defend humanity. An insanity plea carried the day.

Grandfather paradox: If you traveled back in time and killed him you could not be born (Paradox). I would just neuter Grampa. Kinder paradox.

10 Must Have Symphonies: Beethoven 3,5,9: Dvorak 9: Mahler 9: Mozart 40,41: Schubert 8,9: Sibelius 2: Bonus - Stravinsky Rite of Spring

The thought struck me that I have too much to say, but then again that's what I am trying to say, so I must be okay. :-)

Someone says, "You have GOT to read this book!" Meaning 1) Good book, or 2) You're so effed up this book is your only hope.

Out your window you make green leaves, brown ones too and the wind that ignites the dance, the dance is you.

Great day! Character in a fight to the death takes time to perform an interpretive dance version of Anna Karenina using sock puppets.

I'm editing and I come to a page and wonder if I had employed a guest writer that day. And if so, where can I find him!

You do not need a mirror to see your own reflection.

Writers are revolutionaries by heart. Light the fuse.

Reading the news and then looked out the window to find that darkness had already fallen. I think the news did this.

 Lost for entertainment I simply pronounced, Zanzibar.